Best 5 Tools for Working with Big Data

What is big data? There are some people who feel that it is their first time to hear this term. This actually refers to important business information. The amount of data that different businesses have have increased steadily over the past years. There is a need for people to understand more about how they are going to handle it otherwise, it may become a problem.

There are some tools that can be used in order to make big data easier to handle. Are you ready to know more about what these tools are?

1. Cassandra
This is the type of tool that is widely used by a lot of people because it can help in managing large amounts of data. This will make sure that the data will be available but the performance will not be compromised in any way. This will make sure that the performance will still remain constant and up-to-par with what the company needs. Netflix is one of the users of Cassandra. If you like the way that Netflix operates, you will have no trouble appreciating what Cassandra can do.

2. Plotly
There are moments when you have big data to deal with. It can be confusing to pick the one that works just right for you. This tool will allow you to create great visualization even if you do not have the right people in order to create the needs of big data. This can make the process of creating data much easier. The process of creating visuals that are interesting can be easier to accomplish with this tool.

3. Neo4j
If you would like to handle the graphs then this is the tool that you should use. It will make sure that your big data is carefully plotted and used so that you will know their connections to each other. It will help you realize that if there are certain things that sell well, there are other items that may get affected. It will also allow you to see the relationship between the marketing strategy that you have used with the company sales and so much more. By using this tool, you will gain a competitive edge because you will know what to do.

4. Cloudera
There are instances when different people from the company would need to access the same data. This is one of the tools that can be used for that. It will allow certain data to be accessed by different people from the company and still keep certain information hidden. It will allow which data can be shared and which ones cannot. This can help reduce possible business risks especially since data cannot be accessed by the wrong people.

5. Storm
When the company would need a tool that can make data processing in real time possible, this is probably the best option. This can integrate with different tools easily. It will be able to manage the data that is input and it will also keep the data secure. There is no need to worry about the data being accessed by just anyone.

With all of these tools, it will be easier for big data to remain intact and secure. Which tool is your favorite?

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